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ImageComic Books. Comic books just aren’t for kids. There is a depth to comic books that many people don’t even realize. Right now, I am super into Green Lantern. So here is a quick run down of Green Lantern for those of you who have no idea. Basically a Green Lantern is one person in a universal space police force. Instead of carrying guns, they carry a ring that they can use to create images of anything they can imagine. The ring is actually powered through willpower. And that is where things become interesting. As long as the Green Lantern has enough willpower, he or she can create anything. It becomes even more interesting because Green Lanterns are chosen because they can overcome great fear. When the ring selects a new Green Lantern, they look for someone who can overcome fear. Fear is the opposite of willpower. Fear blocks willpower. And that is a common theme in literature as well as life.

Willpower. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything to achieve it? Getting passed obstacles and overcoming setbacks to get to that mountaintop? Athletes can be familiar with this. Have you ever had that game that no matter what SHOULD have happened, you played out of your mind to change the out come. Willpower manifests itself in strange ways sometimes. Willpower is a want and an urge to be decisive in the outcome of an event. But it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as it sounds. It can be getting up off the couch and doing something besides watching TV. It can be choosing the salad over double deep fried cheese. We all have willpower. Some of us use it more than others. Willpower cannot overcome everything though. There are some events that no matter how much willpower and effort you pour in, will not come to fruition.

Fear. See fear paralyzes. It makes people stop and rethink their willpower and their actions. See fear isn’t more common than willpower but it is easier to see. There is an entire movie genre based on fear. Usually when a sentence has the word “don’t” in it, it is based on fear. Fear of being caught, fear of being addicted, fear of loss. Most people associate with not doing something as laziness but that is the easy answer. Fear destroys life. The only thing fear has accomplished is to create panic and ignorance.

Me. See if I could be one superhero, I would be Batman. If I WAS a superhero I would be Green Lantern. I am one of the most stubborn and hardheaded people I know. I act before I stop to think about the consequences because I see what I want and I go for it. I have enormous amounts of willpower. I am tired of people questioning that. I am tired of people not believing in what other people can do. People FEAR what other people can do with willpower, with fight, with drive. They point to one event here or there instead of looking at the entire picture. Everyone has speed bumps in life. I have enough willpower to take those speed bumps and make them give me more willpower than I had before. If fear paralyzes and destroys, willpower creates. Humans in general need to stop fearing each other and rather help each other use their willpower to create something better. See the Green Lanterns have an oath. They say, “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light.”  They believe in the willpower to overcome. Even when the odds see monumental and the blackest night surrounds you, you have the power to overcome great fear.


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.- Vince Lombardi

See growing up is an adventure. For the first part of your life, you are basically told how to live and told what is good and bad. Often you don’t even question all of what you are told to do. Some people do question and they get labeled rebels and outsiders. Then as you continue to grow older and responsibility and expectations get set upon you, you start to see who you really are. What happens when the training wheels of life are taken away? What happens when your pedaling and steering on your own? See society and life are both scary monsters. Life is unknown, and society is often unpredictable.

Growing up requires confidence and belief. I grew up in a society where people want you to be perfect. When a teacher called on me, I couldn’t be wrong. When I played soccer, perfection was expected out of me. When I graduated high school, if I hadn’t gotten six academic excellence awards it would have been a disappointment. Spending the first 23 years of my life in school, As were demanded. There was no other option for me but perfection. We now live in a society of fact checkers and private lives becoming public because of the internet. Perfection is demanded even more than it used to be.

Growing up doesn’t always mean maturity. Sometimes a body grows up without a mind making equal strides. It is difficult to find maturity. It doesn’t always come naturally. It has to be worked at and a constant effort must be made to mature. See here is the funny thing about perfection: to achieve perfection you have to admit you aren’t perfect. Call it irony. You have to figure out what isn’t perfect to be able to fix it. So in a society that demands perfection, do we allow people enough time to figure out what is wrong and fix it? Or when are we just going to accept that perfection doesn’t matter because in the end it is unattainable?

You ever go to the library just to get out of your house? No? Well that is okay because I do it enough for both of us. It is not socially acceptable to completely ignore everyone else around you in any other place besides the library. Currently I am sharing a desk with a girl who is probably 18. I was never good with telling age, and its like they can perform plastic surgery with makeup and add ten years in five minutes anymore. Wait who am I joking? This girl is at the library at 3:30 PM on a summer Wednesday, she doesn’t wear makeup! Do you wear makeup?

But back to what I was discussing. We are currently facing each other, not because we are trying to catch each other’s eye and spark a romance, but because that is how the desk is set up. Which is the worst set up ever. We are currently both on our laptops, but what if we were reading? When I read I like to relax and take it easy. All I would see is her predator eyes lurking over the top of the book trying to catch glimpses of me. There is nothing less comfortable then having a book lurker. Maybe I have watched too many Lifetime movies with my mother.

We are both using our laptops and I can only assume this girl is watching some sort of funny video on youtube, probably something to do with animals and musical instruments. Now when I am sitting alone in my room, and not having an out of body experience, I can’t tell what I look like when I am using my laptop. I never realized how dumb it is to see someone sitting at a little rectangular object and randomly laughing, while not being able to see what they are looking at. That would having a family movie night and your family making you stand behind the TV so that you just had to guess what they were watching, and before you ask, no that did not happen to me. Maybe.
So every time I hear a giggle, I give her a look without actually fully looking at her, but she still knows that I’m looking at her. So here I am, in a place of knowledge, completely judging a random stranger for doing something that I always do. Not to mention her annoying giggling interrupted my serious blog I was writing. Oh well. This is better anyways.

Every person has their demons. Every person is haunted by skeletons in their closet. And often, it is easier to close the closet door than to open it and see what is in there everyday. It is easier to bury a demon than it is to try to figure out what is fueling and driving it. See the fact of the matter is that skeletons and demons are ugly. We live in a society where everything is expected to be perfect, pristine, unblemished, high quality, and mistake free. We live in a society where those who deal with their demons are looked down upon, while those who hide and pretend to be perfect use a judging eye. “Oh he went to rehab,” they whisper. “Oh he is in therapy,” they condescendingly note. Yet those are the people, whether being forced to or not, are trying to make their own lives better and fix problems rather than just hide them. “But rehab is only for people with real problems.” We all have real problems, we just rationalize them in our heads to the point where they aren’t problems anymore. Or maybe society doesn’t think your addiction to religion is a problem a problem that needs a solution. Maybe society doesn’t look down on the fact that you get a headache from a lack of caffeine. Maybe your unwavering political views are praised and not seen as ideologically blinding. So in a society scared to be anything less than perfect, people choose to run. Run from the ugly, run from the solutions, and run from actually trying to obtain perfection. Now I know as humans we will always be flawed and never be perfect, but there is nothing wrong with setting yourself down a road of betterment and seeking perfection. It is easy to see what people are running from. People run from death, police, emotions, responsibility, people, trials, and tribulations. It is more difficult to see what people are running to. Is it always negative? Is it always drugs, alcohol, and abuse? Can it be to exercise, talking, and friends? There are always healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with situations in life. There is a tendency to focus on the negative and the unhealthy choices, rather than the times people run to the healthy choices. So what are you running from? Or maybe in this society the better question is, “What are you running to?”

A Century

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A century is 100 years. Now living to be 100 is an accomplishment. In the course of human history, a century is not a long time, and in the history of the universe it is the blink of an eye. Stop and think about a person living an entire century. In that life, how many singular moments has that person had? How many do they remember? How many have they created? How many are they just along for the ride for? It is beyond a lifetime of memories and moments. Stop and think of how many events and actions occur everyday. Each day is built on thousands of events, like each time a pen touches paper. Singular events weave together to create a larger specified unit of time measurement. A century is created out of millions of singular events in the life of a person. How many of those matter? Shouldn’t they all matter? Headaches, butterflies, sleepy eyes, sex hair, smiles, tears, hugs. Over a century, so many of those build up. Some are forgotten, others are held onto for good or bad reasons. A century builds more than a person. It creates a legend, a larger than life story. A larger than life story that reflects life, so we maybe we underestimate life a bit.


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I went for a run the other night, after I got some bad news. I’m not really a runner. Here is my problem with running: Most of the time you are by yourself. Running is lonely. Sure there are times in your life when you need that, but I am not a fan. What is the point of running? Sports have purpose, there is reason. Is that enough? People say that running clears their heads. I think people just don’t know how to think. They need to force themselves to be alone, to be cut off from everything to be able to think. I think all the time. I think when I shouldn’t be thinking. Thinking is what drives me. I do think when I run but no more than any other time. Running takes you, ultimately, to the same place you started. The difference is your looking at it from a different angle.